Korean stars Kwon Sang Woo

Kwon Sang Woo (born August 5, 1976, Daejeon, South Korea) is a South Korean actor. Prior to acting, he worked as a model.

Kwon was made known to Asian countries through his popular movie, My Tutor Friend (2003), but it was his character as Cha Song Joo in Stairway to Heaven alongside Choi Ji Woo that boosted his popularity, especially in Asian countries, as Stairway to Heaven was amongst the most popular Korean dramas in the Asian region. Another popular role was in Once Upon a Time in High School, set in the 1970s, highlighting the authoritarian nature of Korean society at the time.

In 2004, Kwon starred in a film, Love, So Divine, as a Catholic priest. In an interview, Kwon confided that his mother was a Roman Catholic, and was encouraged by his friends to receive baptism. Kwon also revealed that his mother was helping him to study the Christian faith.

With his handsome looks and impressive physique, Kwon is considered an example of the mom-zzang or "great body" movement.

Kwon is the primary spokesperson for The Face Shop in Korea, appearing in a variety of advertising.

Kwon's latest projects are movie “Fate” and TV drama “Bad Love.”

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